Revolution Fleet: New Player Guide

01 - Timeline & Canon

Revolution Fleet sims are set in the year 2380, one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and two years after the return of the USS Voyager, five years post-Dominion War. We recommend you familiarize yourself with at least Star Trek The Next Generation if you are not already acquainted with this era of the series.

What about the Kelvin timeline and the expanded universe video games, comics and novels?
The Kelvin timeline is excluded from our canon. Expanded universe canon is up to player discretion and is sometimes combined with our own fleet lore for certain characters and storylines. Revolution Fleet has its own canon within player created ship classes, races, characters and so on - which can be found in the Fleet Lore forums.

02 - Posting

Your First Post
Once you have been assigned a ship, you might be wondering how to get started. A good way to begin is by reporting in to your commanding officer and reporting in for a boarding physical in sick bay. It’s also a good idea to look out for any social posts, such as a lounge or holodeck thread. Or even feel free to start your own, maybe your character is wandering the corridors or sitting down for lunch in the mess hall. These are great ways to start off some character development.

The Campaign
You’ll want to read up on the recent campaign threads (marked with a red Campaign label at the top of each ship's forum) before posting. There will also be an in-character summary of events in the Captain’s log. You can hop right into the campaign in your relevant department thread, for example if you are playing a medical officer - look out for a sickbay thread where patients might need treatment following a disaster at the hands of a gamemaster. Not sure where to post? No problem, just message either the GM or Captain of a ship and we’ll find a way to involve you and your character.

Your Ship
It’s very important to read up on the specifications of your assigned ship and keep an eye on its homepage. Some ships are different to others, the USS Hood for example is smaller than regular Starfleet vessels. Your character would probably make note of the lack of space, for example. Ship homepages also provide a crew manifest displaying information about the character's on board such as their species, rank and name.

I Don’t Know What To Post?!
We all get stuck, there will be times where its not quite clear where your character might be needed. Maybe the campaign doesn’t involve your department yet or you are in between GM’s or are just stuck for inspiration. You should review the department guide relevant to your character and consider what they might be doing day-to-day. A security officer for example might do a training drill in the holodeck for other security officers to join in with. Engineers could be servicing replicators or fixing things around the ship and both engineers and scientists might be working on an experimental robotic project. Perhaps you’re a scientist and you’ve been examining an alien plant - then it goes wrong and you are stuck with a peculiar rash and need to head to sickbay. The possibilities are endless and it’s okay, in fact, it is encouraged to develop your character and your writing outside of main campaigns!

How To Post & Posting Etiquette
To get involved in a thread, click the title and chose ‘new reply’. Alternatively, you can begin a new thread in the main forum of your ship. When doing so - you need to state the location of your post in the title.

Then you will need a short paragraph to introduce the post. You don’t need a whole novel, but we also encourage at least a few sentences. Check out other posts that are similar for some inspiration.

Each post must be signed off, this is so we know which character you are using. We ask that you follow the format of rank, name, department.

Ensign John Thompson (Engineer)

03 - Roleplaying

Good spelling and grammar are encouraged. We expect at least a couple of sentences in your posts to help form an engaging story.

We don’t expect everybody to know every single detail of Star Trek. If you get stuck - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, is a great tool to brush up on the canon. When in doubt, make it up! Within reason of course. We also have a selection of roleplay guides specific to each department.

Be mindful of canon and remember that we are playing in the Star Trek universe. Your security officer did not train alongside Master Chief and your character biography cannot be Twilight fanfiction.

Please be respectful in your roleplay. Don’t assume the actions of a character that isn’t yours without permission and do not use OOC knowledge to give your character an advantage unless it is pre-arranged such as part of a GM campaign.

We are a 212 rated roleplay using the RPG rating system at
This means swearing is permitted, with limitations. References and sexual innuendo are permitted but graphic or explicit sexual roleplay or discussion is prohibited. Violence is permitted but cannot be unnecessarily extreme.

04 - Posting Frequency, LOAs and AWOLs

If a player without a declared LOA fails to respond to a moderator for 5 days in regard to their inactivity on the forum, they are considered AWOL* and it is up to the other players to resolve the in-character situation, with respect to the AWOL player’s characters, and possibly with the help of the GM or a moderator.
*AWOL: Away Without Official Leave.

5 days of inactivity without LOA: A moderator contacts you (if other players asked for it)
7 days of inactivity without LOA: The moderator contacts you again. If you don’t respond, the others are free to continue without you if they want.
2 weeks of inactivity without LOA: You are marked as an inactive player.
3 weeks of inactivity without LOA: Your characters are removed from the active characters list until you return.

05 - Reporting an Issue

You can message one of our moderators or an admin privately using the site’s messaging feature or on Discord. Please provide screenshots and other evidence where possible.
We all work hard to ensure a safe community for all members and we take our code of conduct seriously.

You can also email us at